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Personalized Solid Color Napkins & Guest Towels

Personalized Solid Color Napkins & Guest Towels


Personalized or monogrammed napkins and guest towels add the perfect touch to any affair, big or small. 3-ply and Linun napkins come in an array of solid colors. Carte and Moire have their own unique appeal and color scheme, and DeVille, Masslinn and Soft Airlaid are all available in white. With 8 different types of custom printed napkins to choose from, we have one to fit your budget and your style. 

Acrylic holders now available in beverage napkin, luncheon napkin and guest towel sizes, and are the perfect napkin accessory to have on hand or to give as a gift.

Our extensive selection of customizable napkins may be personalized or monogrammed in your choice of our gorgeous designer ink colors or you may provide your own PMS (Pantone) color and we will match it free of charge. We have ink colors to match all of our solid color napkins so coordinating color schemes  with personalized cups and other products may be done easily. 

We offer limitless personalization options including our stylish new Signature Collection of monogram, initial, name, team and art designs created exclusively for Cup of Arms. This fresh new design collection is unlike any you have seen elsewhere and will add style and panache to any event on your calendar. Our Custom Collection of curated monogram, initial and name designs may be individually customized by selecting your own typestyle to make these uniquely your own. Our huge array of PERSONALIZATION OPTIONS may be viewed here, however, you will not actually select your personalization options or enter your personalization until after you select the napkin type, size, color and quantity of the napkin you wish to personalize and buy.

We also print customer supplied art (corporate logos, custom wedding monograms, custom art,etc.) and welcome any special requests. In addition, we now offer full color digital printing on our white and ivory beverage and luncheon napkins. 

If you are having trouble deciding on what type, what size or how many napkins to order,  you may want to speak with your event planner or see ABOUT NAPKIN TYPES, SIZES and QUANTITIES below.  You may view and comp PRODUCT PRICING for all napkins and quantities before you order. If time is a concern, we offer 3 rush printing/production options in addition to rush shipping options; see TURNAROUND TIME for specifics. Offering low minimums starting at quantities of 50 make these an option for any soiree'.

 About Napkin Types, Sizes and Quantities 

What type, size and quantity of napkins and guest towels should I order?

 We offer 8 different types of napkins in addition to a wide selection of everyday patterned napkins and holiday patterned napkins.  Not all napkins types are offered in all sizes and colors so please take this into consideration when selecting your napkin type.  We always recommend checking with your event planner, caterer, or your specific party venue prior to ordering any party goods.  These people know your menu, your theme and your venue and will have a better idea of what type of napkin, what size napkin and the quantity that you need. If these experts aren’t available, we offer the following general guidelines below.


  1. 3-PLY: The traditional personalized napkin perfect for any occasion. These napkins are the better party store type napkins constructed from soft 3-ply premium material with a coin embossed edge. By far our most popular wedding reception and party napkin. These come in a wide variety of colors and ink colors may be matched to napkin color to use on cups, coasters, stir sticks or any of our imprintable items.
    • 37 solid colors
    • Available in beverage/cocktail, luncheon, dinner and guest towel sizes
  2. LINUN: These are a heavier weight than our 3-Ply napkins and resemble more of a heavy weight very nice paper towel than a typical napkin. Linun napkins and guest towels have a beautiful texture (that resembles actual linen) and have a more elegant yet sturdy feel than the 3-Ply napkin. They do not have the a coin edge border like our 3-Ply napkins.  These are our top-tier solid color napkins and they are great for messy outdoor dinners, crawfish boils, barbecues, lobster roasts and other events where more absorbency is needed. They are available in a wide variety of solid colors and ink colors may be matched to the napkin color to use on any of our imprintable items.
    • 21 solid colors
    • Available in beverage/cocktail, luncheon, and dinner/guest towel* sizes
  3. MOIRE: A tissue soft 3-Ply napkin with an elegant moiré pattern tone on tone finish. The moiré finish mimics beautiful silk moiré fabric and has a “wavy” or watery appearance with a slight sheen with a sophisticated pin dot border.  These make a gorgeous addition to a more formal event such as an anniversary party or christening or just add a sparkle to cocktails on the beach.
    • 16 moiré colors
    • Available in beverage/cocktail, luncheon, and dinner/guest towel* sizes
  4. CARTE: These napkins are imported from Germany and are quite spectacular.  The napkin itself has an elegant blind embossed texture in a beautiful Old World pattern with a slight sheen. Personalization/printing is done on top of the embossed napkin.  These gorgeous personalized napkins always make an impression.
    • 5 solid colors with embossed texture
    • Available in beverage/cocktail, luncheon, and dinner/guest towel* sizes
  5. SOFT AIRLAID: These napkins are bulky, porous and “soft” as the name refers!  This is one of the most absorbent and strongest napkins we offer.  They are the ideal replacement for linen napkins for events that require something strong and durable such as barbecues/ribs, seafood and hamburgers. Also one of our most popular guest towels for the powder room due to their absorbency.
    • White only
    • Available in beverage/cocktail, luncheon, dinner and guest towel sizes
  6. DeVILLE: This is our most upscale disposable napkin available.  The heaviest of all of our personalized napkins. Great for heavy duty meals and powder rooms.
    • White only
    • Available in beverage/cocktail and 1/8 Fold Dinner sizes only (somewhat larger than a typical dinner/guest towel)
  7. MASSLINN: This is what we refer to as our country club napkin.  Made from 100% rayon fibers these napkins are extremely soft and luxurious.  Masslinn napkins are perfect for powder rooms and private clubs requiring only the best. Due to the nature of the fiber these are only available imprinted in gold, silver, or copper metallic foil inks. 
    • White only
    • Available in beverage/cocktail, luncheon, dinner and guest towel sizes 

*A separate dinner and guest towel size are not offered in all napkin types but these are interchangeable. A traditional size guest towel may be used for a dinner napkin and looks very nice when used in a place setting.


  • BEVERAGE/COCKTAIL NAPKINS:Best for the bar, for passed hors d’oeuvres, a cocktail buffet and the most popular napkin for weddings for the bar, cake table, and buffet table (larger napkins are cumbersome at these type events when juggling cups and plates)
    • 2-3 per guest for a bar; if multiple bars distribute evenly among each bar (in addition to those for passed hors d’oeuvres and cocktail buffets)
    • 1.5-2 per guest for passed hors d’oeuvres and cocktail buffets (in addition to those for for the bar)
    • 4-5 per guest for weddings (2 per person at the bar, 1 per person at each cake table, 1.5 per guest at the buffet table + more if passed hors d’oeuvres are being served as appetizers or if no seated meal is being served)
  • LUNCHEON NAPKINS:  Best for a ladies luncheon, shower brunches, Easter brunches, and other casual brunch or luncheon affairs
    • 1.5 per guest if linen or cloth napkins are not being used
  • DINNER NAPKINS: Best for outdoor barbecues and grilling sessions, crawfish boils, casual outdoor dining, or other dinner affairs where linen or cloth napkins will not be used
    • We do not recommend large size dinner napkins when events are not seated; these are cumbersome to juggle with a drink and a plate while standing!
    • 1.5 per guest if linen or cloth napkins are not being used; more for messier events!
  • GUEST TOWELS: These may be used in the powder room or designer port-a-trailers to prevent the spread of germs by repeatedly using the same linen cloth towel to dry hands on and may also be used at a place setting for a dinner napkin.
    • .5-1 per guest divided between powder rooms or designer port-a-trailers
    • 1.5 per guest if used as a dinner napkin and linen or clothe napkins are not being used

For information on ordering PRODUCT SAMPLES  click here.