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A rare personal note. . .

A Corona Perspective...

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Laissez les bon temps rouler!

TWO WORDS: MARDI GRAS ...... a season for flashing and baring (not to mention DRINKING)!

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After this election week, we want to MAKE YOUR SPIRITS BRIGHT with our 40% OFF FLASH SALE!

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EAT, DRINK, and BE THANKFUL {for FREE swag}!

EAT, DRINK, and BE THANKFUL {for FREE swag!. Let us help you have a grateful heart...

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Nothing bespeaks a late morning or early afternoon beautiful fall gameday like a Bloody Mary! Tailgaters across the nation seem to share in a common love of this fantastic drink.

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Nothing bespeaks fall more than tailgating and football. Tailgates happen across the nation and we may be biased, but in the south, SEC tailgate affairs just seem to have that extra flair! Uber fans prepare months in advance, ordering and stocking up on custom partyware and stocking their freezers with food for the gameday ahead of time. Some may call it over the top but however you look at it, awesome tailgates celebrated with awesome fans, friends, family, food, and {lots of} drink make fall what it is and football a lot more fun!

Super fans order their custom tailgate party paraphenalia early and get their swag all lined up for the first kickoff no matter where that may be. Nothing gets you in the team spirit more than opening a big box of custom partyware the week before the season starts! You may even be compelled to pop a tent up in the backyard for a practice round.

In this post we are going to focus on the 5 custom essentials you need to order now to get kick your season up a notch and probably be in the running for the best tailgate tent award (and likely an appearance on the Jumbotron) woot woot!. Once you stock up on your team's partyware for the season you'll be ready for those early morning, afternoon or night games and whatever the menu for the week may be. 

Use one of our exclusive Signature Collection Collegiate designs on side 1 and add your own personalization to side 2, or if we are missing your college of choice, create your own look using our fabulous collection of stock art. We also have a massive collectin of school mascots and other art available that is not shown so as always, give us a call (844-901-CUPS) if you don't see what you are looking for and we'll try to find it!


        • CUSTOM PERSONALIZED CUPS: Anyone can pick up their team's cups at the campus bookstore or local party goods store, but don't do that! Go the extra mile ahead of time add specific personalization for truly top tier tailgating. Let everyone know you're a serious sports fan who is in the game for the season!  We suggest putting one of our Signature Collection Colleigate designsor your team's name or mascot on side 1, and your tailgate tent's name, family surname, sky box name, or a group of names on side 2. A recent favorite of ours for a huge UT fan: Tom's TENNESSEE Tonic; lookout Neyland, here he comes! Get the idea? Make it personal and unique- thats what this site is all about! We suggest the following in the way of cups (to start):
          • CUSTOM STYROFOAM CUPS - We've got you covered in 11 different sizes. Custom 16oz styrofoam has been our perennial best seller for 20 years running. This is a "multi-purpose" size good for not only your game day cocktail but for the Bloody Mary and coffee bars we are going to talk about next time. For those of you celebrating in the famous University of Mississippi Grove, the favorite down there is the BIGGIE 32oz styrofoam. (Go BIG or go HOME, right?). This gigormous GO CUP allows you to mix or pour and set on you path of tent visitation throughout the Grove without heading back to refill! Love this idea! Super size for super fans! Be creative; increased print space on styrofoam cups means the sky(box) is the limit here!
          • CUSTOM SOFT PLASTIC "SOLO" TYPE CUPS - No collegiate tailgate exists without some type of soft plastic "Solo" type cups! Do them up right for the season. 16 ounce "Solo" type cups are a must with and with a smaller sprint space than the custom styrofoam cups, a simple design or letter on side 1 with a tent name or family surname on Side 2 works! In addition to red and blue, we have clear and white as well in a huge progression of sizes. 
          • STADIUM CUPS - Well, duh, STADIUM bound and WHISKEY bent with your custom stadium cup in hand! 'Nuff said. They're called this for a reason! 4 sizes, colors for every team. Reusable if you can talk you team into leaving them. 
          • PLASTIC SHOT GLASSES - Okay, maybe not EVERY tailgate needs these but ask your college students and the over 21 (or not) crowd. Fireball? Tequilla? Cinnamon Apple Bourbon? These will be the rage if you're brave enough. We dare you and beg you; these make great Social Media posts, as something fun (or not) is always happening when shots are around. 
        • CUSTOM PRINTED NAPKINS  - Napkins embellished with you team take the Walk of Fame with you wrapped around your personalized cup of course. Solids and prints to coordinate with any team colors. Southern ladies know to never hold a drink without a napkin around it; cup perspriation is NOT GOOD on silks and fine linens (don't laugh, BOTH fabrics are found in abundance at stadiums across the South despite the 100 degree weather on the first gameday!) We recommend beverage size for drinks and pick up foods both. Larger sizes for messy meals.
        • CUSTOM KOOZIES {HUGGERS} - NEOPRENE collapsible for sure. Every male college student has one of these tucked in their back pocket opposite their chew. That's what pockets are for, RIGHT? These go quick! ORDER LOTS! Everyone in your tent will think these are tailgate favors! AM I RIGHT?
        • PRINTED PLASTIC PLATES - DO NOT think you can get away with a crimped edge paper plate for tailgating that come in a pack of 1trillion for a dollar at Dollar Tree. These are NOT allowed at top tier events where food on a plate is held on the lap or in the hand while standing and balancing the all important beverage of the day. This is a major party foul. Our custom plates are sturdy, very sturdy plastic, come in 3 shapes, several sizes and a huge assortment of colors. Great with a school logo centered or tent name. These will stand up to any food from a barbecue nacho bar to hamburgers and hot dogs. YOU NEED THESE!
        • STIR STICKS - Okay, soooo, these may NOT be considered essential like 1-4, HOWEVER, they are the creme de la creme, the icing on the cake, the swizzle in your toddy! Serioulsy order these. They make a splash and work lots better than a dirty finger.

See the Photo Gallery on our website for samples of some of our taligating samples from previous customers. We also have a great Pinterest board put together for tailgating as well that we are continually adding to. We will be including menus and recipes there as the season progresses so make sure to follow our board for great ideas. Like us on Facebook, and follow us on Instagram @cupofarms for lots of ideas throughout the season. We even have a You Tube channel if you are unsure of what size cup you would like to order or need a little tutorial on ordering a personalized Collegiate design! AND, most importantly, we love to see our products in action! PLEASE be sure to snap a photo of your swag, post it on your own social media and hashtag us with #cupofarms. We'll reward you with a 10% off COUPON on your next order!


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The most frequently asked question we get is......

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FIRE UP FOR THE 4th! Did someone say STARS and STRIPES forevah?

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Boat Drinks

"BOAT DRINKS, Waitress, I need two more boat drinks, Then I'm headin' south 'fore my dream shrinks, I gotta get where it's warm..."

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