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Submitting Custom Art

Submitting Custom Art

We welcome customer submitted “custom” art including:

  • Corporate and business logos
  • School and team logos
  • Event and fundraising logos
  • Vacation home, boat and plane logos
  • Ranch and farm logos
  • Custom wedding art, wedding logos, monograms or designs
  • Custom designed personal monograms or name designs


All of our items may be printed with customer supplied art. We highly recommend that you email us your art PRIOR to placing your order to determine if your art is acceptable. There is a one time ONLY $75 charge for submitting custom art. If the SAME art is used on two different sides of an item, there is only ONE $75 charge.  If one piece of art is submitted for side one and a DIFFERENT piece of art is submitted for side two, there are TWO $75 charges ($150 total).

After your artwork is submitted for your first initial order, the art is kept on file and may be used on any future order free of charge. Please follow the instructions below for submitting and labeling your art so it may be easily located for subsequent orders. Customer supplied art must be received by 12:00 CST to be considered that day’s order. If artwork submitted must be altered, edited or resubmitted, the order will be placed on hold until art is resubmitted in an acceptable format. Please note that selected in-house printing/production time on the order does not begin until acceptable artwork suitable for printing is received.


We request that art is submitted as camera ready. Camera ready art is defined as black and white high contrast art with sharp clean lines that requires no touch up or alterations to print in a high quality. Poor quality art will produce poor quality printing. A fax, Word document, photocopy, business card, photograph of the art, or a sketch is not considered high quality art. Art with halftones, gradients or screens is not acceptable; gradients and screens are considered a second color even if in the same originating color.

An EPS file format created in a vector drawing program is preferred with all graphics represented as lines, outlines or fills and fonts converted to graphics or outlines.  Acceptable files are Adobe Illustrator (.ai), Corel Draw (.cdr) and Adobe (.pdf) preferably saved in .eps format. High-Resolution JPEG files are usually acceptable but all artwork must be a minimum of 300dpi resolution at the finished print size.  For digital full color printing 4-color process artwork should be converted to CMYK and sent as either a TIFF or PDF file.

Please save your art with a file name that includes the order number and last name on the order to easily link the artwork with the appropriate order and to aid in locating the art for future orders. PLEASE INCLUDE IN THE FILE NAME IF ART IS TO BE USED FOR SIDE 1 or SIDE 2.  If using a custom PMS (Pantone Matching System) ink color, please include the PMS color in your email or in the art file. Cups of Arms does not charge for custom PMS (Pantone Matching System) matching, however, color match is only guaranteed plus or minus one color shade on white or clear items. We cannot guarantee color match on colored items. We will make every effort to obtain as close of a printed match to the requested color on orders requesting a PMS color on a colored item, however we are not responsible for shade variations. 

If art submitted is determined to be unacceptable for printing, our Art Department may be able to alter the art to correct it.  Converting art that is not camera ready will be charged at an hourly rate of $50 per hour with a one hour minimum.  Additional art charges, where necessary, will be quoted and must be approved prior to beginning the work.  Most art can be converted within our minimum one hour art rate. Orders will be placed on hold until acceptable art is created and approved or re-submitted. SELECTED PRINTING/PRODUCTION TIME DOES NOT BEGIN UNTIL ACCEPTABLE ARTWORK IS RECEIVED or APPROVED. 


  • Select your product first and click on PERSONALIZE & BUY.
  • When selecting your Personalization Options, select an ink color or enter a custom PMS color.
  • Scroll down to SUBMIT CUSTOM ART
  • Check box USE CUSTOM ART
  • Select one of the following:
    • Submit NEW Custom Art $75.00
      • Check this box if you are sending us NEW art that has never been used by Cup of Arms or Paper House Online on a previous order.
    • Use custom art that has been used by Cup of Arms or Paper House Online on a previous order (no additional custom art charge)
      • Check this box if you are using art that is on file with us and HAS been used by Cup of Arms or Paper House Online on a previous order.
      • If using art we have on file from a previous order, include the following in the Special Instructions box:
        • Previous order number
        • Approximate order date
        • Name under which the previous order was placed
  • Repeat for Side 2 if custom art is being used on side 2.
  • Add any additional personalization desired using any of our typestyles or art.
  • After placing your order, EMAIL your custom art AS AN ATTACHMENT to: art@cupofarms.com (customer supplied art is NOT uploadable to our website).
    • Include the following in the subject line of your email:
    • Please do not embed your custom art within your email.
    • You will receive an email confirmation that your art has been received within 24 hours.

 All customer submitted art will be accepted by Cup of Arms as being in full compliance with all applicable laws regarding trademark, licensing, patent, copyright, right of privacy or similar protection. Cup of Arms will be held harmless from all claims and costs arising from these issues. Any logos contained on this site are not for sale and are not an endorsement from their owners, nor do we offer any endorsement of their owners. By placing an order, we reserve the right to use any overruns for digital media, print media and/or product samples illustrating our printing capabilities.


When submitted custom art that requires multi-color printing we offer several options. On two sided items that are screen printed, you may select a different color for side one (ex: orange) and side two (ex: blue).  We may also print in two colors on the same side of a one-sided item or two-sided item however, we do not guarantee registration between print colors.

Artwork requiring close registration between two different print colors on the same side may not be well suited for printing on a short production run as the registration between print colors may vary as much as a 1/16” to 1/8" in any direction. While we attempt to minimize this as much as possible on short run orders, we do not guarantee the registration between print colors. Using two colors of ink entails additional charges depending on the item and the quantity. The additional charge for two-color ink will be made after the order is placed. Please email us for a quote on two-color printing or see the pricing grids for this additional charge.

 We also offer full color digital printing on white and ivory 3-ply beverage and luncheon napkins, neoprene can huggers, neoprene side-zip bottle huggers and neoprene coasters. For digital full color printing 4-color process artwork should be converted to CMYK and sent as either a TIFF or PDF file.

For large runs consisting of quantities of 50,000 or more we are able to print multiple colors on the same side for most of our products. Please contact us for a quote.